What We are About - Telling Your Story

At one point in my career I was doing public speaking gigs about stress management. I was asked to speak to some bail bondsman. The conference coordinator who invited me stated that the bail bondsman were almost morally equivalent to the criminals for whom they were providing bail. They were, sure enough, a rowdy crowd.

I see debt collectors on about the same level of Hell. To be fair, there are some collectors out there who legimately want to reach some kind of resolution. But from stories I hear and some unsettling personal experience, not so many.

We will also be collecting! We will collect information, tips, and your stories to help bring both awareness and perhaps tools to the unfortunate indebted person. Not all are deadbeats. Some debtors have no financials skills and have not been fortunate enough to have had a good personal finance education. Some have met with an unfortunate event or events in their lives that put them in debt. (Look at the current mortgage situation.) This site does not welcome anyone who is trying to cheat somebody else (including impersonal companies). That is as immoral as some of the collection tactics that are going on out there. We want to provide some help and some support for others who are in a collections nightmare.

If you have a story to tell:
The comments section, while very liberal in selections to be included, is moderated. If you have a story to tell, email it directly to collectionstories@gmail.com. Stories will not be accepted as a comment. We encourage you to share your story as an educational tool for others and perhaps you will receive helpful comments. Feel free to use names.

Only non-judgmental comments about an article with helpful information or support will be selected for use.

Since we are a smalltime grassroots organization, we cannot and do not take responsibility for the truth or untruth of any stories that we get. So buyer beware. We are not about revenge for hurt feelings. We are about fairness and truth. The stories written by readers are the sole responsibility of those particular readers/writers and we are not responsible for the veracity of any story or detail that comes as a reader contribution. This is not a "journalistic" endeavor nor do we claim to abide by journalistic standards of corroboration.

Thursday, February 21, 2008